To Initiate Intervention:

  • Fill out complaint form on our website, here. Include attempts to resolve and contact info. OR
  • Send complaint in writing to Builders 10 Warranty Office: 1860 FM 359, #123, Richmond, TX 77406.
  • We will contact you to schedule an inspection.

At the Inspection Expect

  • A fair and unbiased look at the complaint in person.
  • A builder representative, the builder, and a neutral inspector engaged by Builders 10 Warranty to review the problem in relation to the warranty provided.
  • They will have a copy of the compliant.

After the Inspection:

  • The Inspector will have a report on findings.
  • Recommendations to solve the problem will be given
  • Builders 10 Warranty will provide a copy of the report to builder and home owner
  • If amicable resolution is not forth coming Builders 10 Warranty will initiate mediation/arbitration per the terms of the warranty.